Express Yourself with Zee.Pinz!

Express Yourself with Zee.Pinz!

Are you tired of the same old pet accessories that lack character and flair? Look no further – Zee.Dog has introduced an exciting range of leash charms called Zee.Pinz that allow you to personalize your pet's look in unlimited ways! These innovative charms are designed to bring style and individuality to your dog's daily walks.

Express Yourself with Zee.Pinz

Zee.Pinz is more than just a leash accessory; it's a statement of your unique style. These charming accessories are crafted with care, made from durable silicone that ensures both quality and longevity. The charms are easy to put on and take off, making it a breeze to switch up your pet's look whenever you feel like it.

Versatile Personalization

Whether you have a Hands-Free Leash, a Slip-On Leash, or a classic Rope Leash from Zee.Dog, Zee.Pinz is designed to be compatible with all of them. The charms add a touch of personality to your pet's gear, allowing you to express your style in countless ways. Mix and match different pins to create a look that perfectly suits your pet's personality.

Boombox Pin: A Musical Twist to Your Walks

One standout charm from the Zee.Pinz collection is the Boombox pin. This delightful accessory adds a musical note to your pet's leash, bringing a playful and trendy vibe to your walks. Made with attention to detail, the Boombox pin measures 3 cm in length, width, and height – a perfect cube of style!

Why Choose Zee.Pinz?

  1. Durability: Zee.Pinz are crafted from durable silicone, ensuring they withstand the rigors of daily walks and outdoor adventures.

  2. Easy Application: The charms are designed to be easily placed on and removed from your pet's leash, giving you the flexibility to change their look whenever you desire.

  3. Versatility: Zee.Pinz are compatible with various Zee.Dog leashes, providing pet owners with the freedom to personalize their pet's gear.


Zee.Dog Zee.Pinz offer a fantastic opportunity for pet owners to add a touch of creativity and personality to their daily walks. With durable construction, easy application, and a range of charming designs, Zee.Pinz make it fun and effortless to express your unique style. Upgrade your pet's gear today and turn heads during your walks with these delightful leash charms! Unleash your style with Zee.Dog Zee.Pinz – because your pet's fashion statement matters too!


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